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Menu plan Monday-Week 2 5/14/12

This is my second week following the Glamour Exactly What to Eat to Lose Weight meal plan. (See my first week here.) So far, it’s gone pretty well, with the exception of Mother’s day when I indulged more than I should have. I haven’t hopped on the scale yet to see if it’s working, but …

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Menu Plan Monday 5/7/12 A New Beginning

I subtitled this A New Beginning because I am embarking on a new career journey today, and also a new path for eating. Out of Time Dad continues his remarkable dieting success, though we don’t have the exact amount lost until he goes to his doctor, we do know that he’s lost well over 60 …

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Menu Plan Monday 4/2/12

I had to do some improvisation on last week’s menu. Often, things pop up that you need to be flexible enough to handle. Time is not a friend of that meat in your refrigerator. Over the weekend, I completely went off the plan, and spent the rest of the weekend catching up or *gasp* eating …

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Menu Plan Monday 3/26/12

This week, I decided to try to include a few meatless meals. The prices of meat are out of this world, and I can’t seem to adjust to the new normal for them. A good sale price to me used to be under $1.99/lb for ground beef. Now it’s apparently $2.69 or above. That puts …

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Meal Plan Monday, week of 2/27/2012

We are starting a new adventure this week as OoTDad has been advised to begin eating a reduced sodium diet by his doctor. The rest of the family could use some (alot of) improvement in our diets as well. I’ve got a Weight Watchers membership that is failing to meet it’s potential due to me …

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