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Menu Plan Monday 4/2/12

I had to do some improvisation on last week’s menu. Often, things pop up that you need to be flexible enough to handle. Time is not a friend of that meat in your refrigerator. Over the weekend, I completely went off the plan, and spent the rest of the weekend catching up or *gasp* eating …

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Keep your blenders, I’ve got a ninja

Last night, OoTDad wanted to go to BJs for some junkish food that I won’t/don’t buy at the store. (He loves blue box mac and cheese! You can mock him if you’d like. ) We had dinner first, not thinking about what time BJs would close. We got there at 6:45 and discovered they close …

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Meal Plan Monday 2-20-12

I’m off for President’s Day, so I’m planning a departure from our usual Breakfast for Dinner Monday. I usually make Chicken Parmigiana¬†(courtesy Once a Month Mom) on Sundays since it takes a lot of time to flatten the chicken. The rest of the recipe is super simple. I haven’t frozen this recipe yet for future …

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Super Superbowl Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcakes

Buffalo wings are to Superbowls as cookies are to Christmas. It’s just not the same without them. Even though it was going to be just a family occasion, I still wanted to put together something special for the Superbowl, especially since I’m in New England and the Patriots are playing. (Boo! They booted my poor …

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Batch Cooking: Do I have time for this crap?

A while ago we bought a deep freezer. Starry-eyed dreams of pre-made meals that I would easily pull out of our magical freezer floated through my mind. I would have a meal ready for every meal of the month. My kids would be fed nutritious, healthy foods, my stress would be decreased from not fighting …

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