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Mad Men Season Premiere

Tonight is the season premiere of Mad Men at 9PM on AMC. This is my favorite show! The complexities of the characters are spot on, and because of this, I fluctuate on how I feel about the characters constantly. Set in the 60s on NYC’s Madison Avenue, these “Mad Men” are the forefathers of the …

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Save Your Sanity Sunday: 3-day weekend edition

Yesterday was a down day for me as you may have noticed from the lack of updates on this site. Instead of posting ¬†for my Super Savings Saturday series, I spent “naptime” watching the homegoing for Whitney Houston. It was a touching tribute, and I just didn’t feel into writing anything after. After, I went …

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Save your Sanity: Planning, planning, planning

Confession time: I was a planning disaster for most of my life. Anyone who knew me as a child/teen/young adult knew my environment was a disaster; I waited until the last minute to prepare for everything, and procrastination was the rule, not the exception. I studied in the car on the way to an exam …

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Batch Cooking: Do I have time for this crap?

A while ago we bought a deep freezer. Starry-eyed dreams of pre-made meals that I would easily pull out of our magical freezer floated through my mind. I would have a meal ready for every meal of the month. My kids would be fed nutritious, healthy foods, my stress would be decreased from not fighting …

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