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I’ve abandoned you, and I’m sorry.

There are big changes going on in my life, and I’ve abandoned this blog for a ridiculously long time. The big news is: I got a new job! I’ll be working with a network of family child care providers as Program Coordinator (or some such title, I’m not sure). I’ll be in charge of the …

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1 Wiggly Toddler and a Train Trip

It has been over a week since I took OOTToddler over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house via train.  After a week of recovery, I think I am finally able to speak about it. I was looking forward to seeing our family in MD, as it had been since Christmas that we’d …

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I’ve been missing in action lately and I’m sorry. I’ve been swamped and have a bit of writer’s block. Out of Time Toddler has been sick and clingy. It’s been difficult to shed her long enough to send a text, much less something more substantial. I was also out of town for 4 days visiting …

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Economic Disparity of Women

I just finished my essay for my Financial Social Work Counselor certification.(421 words, ha, I’m not writing more than I had to!)  I thought I’d share it with you since it was a lot of hard work (not that much) and it has some information that might be relevant to you Mommies out there. This is definitely …

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Finding my voice

I have wanted to start a blog, but I’ve struggled for a few years trying to figure out what I had to add to the bloggosphere. Finally, I decided to just do it, and figure out along the way what I have to offer. So far, I’m having difficulty finding my voice, and I think …

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