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What is Scrapple?

Having grown up in the mid-atlantic region, scrapple is as natural to me as steamed crabs. Yes, I know what it’s made of, but like fairies, zombies, and Santa Claus, you have to suspend your knowledge to really enjoy it. There’s nothing like a couple of thinly sliced pieces of scrapple on some toast, with …

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Valentine’s Day eggs

I love this idea. They will be so cute for breakfast tomorrow. I hope it works! I will post if I can pull it off.  I wonder if it would work on soft boiled eggs… That could turn disastrous if it didn’t. Plus, they’d be cold. Ugh, scratch that idea!  

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Robot Tigers or Robobcats

This week’s funny from The Bloggess. Robot Tigers vs. Robobcats. I’m going with the Robobcats. That shit is personal. Everyone knows they are the most feral of the cats, and small enough to hide in closets or under beds… Though attacks rarely happen, sometimes they do. Imagine how hard it would stop a robot one! …

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The New Disney Princess

Evidently there is some sort of scandal over the new Disney Princess. I’m as feminist as the next person, but I’m sure that the Princesses aren’t ruining society’s view of women, or women’s self-perceptions. Little girls love pretty girls and pretty dresses. Besides, the Princesses have less to do with little girls’ self worth than …

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Gratuitous Photo- Tribute to The Voice

The Voice started it’s second season last night after the Superbowl and I’m so glad to see Adam Levine again. Too bad he doesn’t judge on the Voice like this. *sigh* The beginning of the voice is the really fun part, be sure to catch it tonight at 8 on NBC. If you were too …

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Mondays Suck

Here are some fun sites that might brighten your awful, horrible, no good, suckarific Monday. Jenny, the Bloggess, is the BFF I’ve never met or spoken to, but who makes me laugh uncontrollably. Read her religiously. She got Will Wheaton to collate papers for her. Not only is she funny, she has a giant, fierce, …

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