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Menu Plan Monday 4/16/12

This week, I may be working late as I have files that I want to get in tiptop shape before I leave my current job, so I needed to make sure I had easy meals that Out of Time Dad could easily prepare so if I’m late so it won’t be a mad rush to get supper on the table. Speaking of Out of Time Dad, he continues to eat healthy and should also be in tiptop shape when he goes back to the doctor next week. He’s done amazing and is really inspiring me to work on my healthy eating. We still have a lot of “naughty” food in the freezer that my frugal side won’t let me toss, so once those foods are gone, I’ll start on the healthy eating as well.

I’m not going to have to pick up much from the store this week, as I have a lot of things on this weeks plan that are in the freezer already. (Chicken, beef, galumkis, frozen veggies, fruit for smoothies, chicken tenders, and pita pizzas) I’m looking forward to not dropping a ton of money this week and reaping the benefits of bulk purchasing during stock up sales. I’ll purchase the things I need  that are fresh (milk, veggies, turkey, and bread) and I should be able to keep this weeks groceries under $35. Woohoo!

So here is this weeks menu. Special thinks to Orgjunkie.com for the Menu Plan Monday link up. You can find other great menu plans here.





Prep work


Cereal with milk, fruit of choice Turkey Sandwich, yogurt, and salad Grilled Chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato cut up veggies


Toast with peanut butter, milk or yogurt, choice of fruit Pita Pizzas, veggies with dip Galumpkis with rice, green beans  Mix meatloaf


Smoothies to go, toast with butter Greek salad with grilled chicken Meatloaf and fauxtatoes


Cereal with milk, fruit of choice Meatloaf sandwich with veggies and dip Leftovers or chicken pot pie Chop veggies for fajitas


Egg with toast, choice of fruit Chicken tenders with green beans Fajita Friday! Chicken Fajitas Mix muffin batter


Healthy Chocolate chip muffins Chicken Fajita salad Pizza Party! Pepperoni pizza Prep pot roast in the crock pot


Leftover muffins, egg, choice of fruit Leftover Pepperoni Pizza Pot roast with potatoes, and corn

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