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I’ve abandoned you, and I’m sorry.

There are big changes going on in my life, and I’ve abandoned this blog for a ridiculously long time. The big news is: I got a new job! I’ll be working with a network of family child care providers as Program Coordinator (or some such title, I’m not sure). I’ll be in charge of the network in my county which stretches from Vermont to Connecticut. Family Child Care, particularly in a childcare system, has a special place in my heart as it’s the best of both worlds. It has the warmth and nurturing of a home mixed with the educational provisions of a Child Care Center. There is oversight, and I will be visiting providers to observe the care the children are receiving. It’s a bonus to the Family Child Care providers as I will be making sure their paperwork is in order and they receive the trainings they need to keep up with their licenses. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win-win-win situation for the providers, the children, and me! It will be great to be able to interact with the kiddos, and look forward to organizing fun and educational field trips.

As thrilled as I am, I am also anxious about starting a new job. It’s hard to leave the familiar, even if it’s not a job I love. I will miss my co-workers who are the key to how I was able to manage the work. They’ve become like family to me, and I’ll miss them so much! It’s also difficult to adjust to new responsibilities in a new job. There is a lot of uncertainty with new starts. What if I don’t like the people I work with? What if the job is a lot tougher than I thought? All those fears are bubbling around in my mind. I’m sure it will be fine, but I can’t help but have those thoughts. I’m going to try to keep the outside stress to a minimum, and maybe add some wine to the equation.

Anyway, I may not be updating and interacting with you dear readers as often as I would like until I get settled in my new routine. Wish me luck on my new adventure!

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  1. You will do great !! 🙂

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