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Menu Plan Monday 3/26/12

This week, I decided to try to include a few meatless meals. The prices of meat are out of this world, and I can’t seem to adjust to the new normal for them. A good sale price to me used to be under $1.99/lb for ground beef. Now it’s apparently $2.69 or above. That puts a real pinch on my budget. I’ve been falling back on boneless skinless chicken breasts which I can still find for under $2.00/lb.

The Pasta with Asparagus is one of my favorite spring recipes because the prices of asparagus are low, and you can get cheaper grape or cherry tomatoes. I practically lived on this when I was an Out of Time Single Gal. It’s great topped with your choice of cheese. (Fontina is delish if you’re the fancy sort)

So this is what is on the plate this week. Special thanks to Orgjunkie.com for the Menu Plan Monday linkup.


To see last weeks meal plan, you can see it here.




Prep work


Cereal and milk, with choice of fruit

Chef salad, crackers on the side

Pasta with Asparagus

 Soak beans over night for chili


Egg and cheese on english muffin, choice of fruit

Pasta with Asparagus leftovers, served cold

Beef Chili with cornbread


Smoothie to go, made with fruit, spinach, silken tofu, and yogurt

Taco salad, served with corn chips (use chili leftovers)

Grilled Chicken with Daddy’s favorite potatoes

Cut up chicken into strips for stir fry and fajitas


Cereal and milk, with choice of fruit

Turkey Sandwich with a side salad

Chicken Stir-fry with rice

Cut up veggies for stir fry, fajitas, and sides


Peanut butter and banana sandwiches

Tuna salad sandwich with cut up veggies

Chicken Fajitas

Prepare muffin batter


Muffin madness (muffin recipe tbd)

Chicken fajita salad

Veggie Pizza with side salad


Egg scramble with leftover veggies

Pizza leftovers

Out to dinner!

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