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Man-Pleasing Chicken? I think Out of Time Dad would like some of that!

trials in food

How is everyone this Monday? Did you have a good weekend?

This weekend for us was a pretty relaxing one. My dad left for business so my mom made him some delicious food, which we benefited from. 🙂 The weather was also cooperating, so I managed to fit in two jogs and a hike. The only chore we had to do was our weekly grocery shopping. Normally, we are pretty good about planning our meals for the week. I even have a grocery list app on my phone to keep track of the ingredients I need. But lately, we’ve been too lazy busy to plan ahead. So after our hike, we found ourselves wondering around aimlessly at the grocery store trying to figure out what to make for dinner this week. In these situations, we cruise the meat section for inspiration and the weekly specials and then rack our…

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