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Mad Men Season Premiere

Tonight is the season premiere of Mad Men at 9PM on AMC. This is my favorite show! The complexities of the characters are spot on, and because of this, I fluctuate on how I feel about the characters constantly. Set in the 60s on NYC’s Madison Avenue, these “Mad Men” are the forefathers of the advertising revolution. I love how the contrast between today’s social mores clash with what was acceptable then. The smoking, the drinking, and the treatment of women were completely different then compared to today. (Though some might argue that we’re taking a step back on the treatment of women today. Ok, me, I would argue that.) It’s a fascinating look at the past.

I also enjoy the fashions. I had no idea that there were “Mad Men” inspired clothing lines. Thanks to Mom on the Go in Holy Toledo, her post on her Mad Men Premiere Party clued me in to Banana Republic’s Mad Men line ( for women and for men) of the clothing. I am priced out of Banana Republic, but I now know what to look for to make a retro look. (I think Out of Time Dad would look dapper in a Mad Men suit with his newly trim figure.)

I absolutely love the idea of a Mad Men Premiere Party and wish I had thought of it myself. It would be so much fun to dress up in the style of Mad Men, have era cocktails and noshes, and watch this amazing show. Oh well, maybe next year.

From the look of Pinterest, there are a lot of Mad Men parties happening! I found amazing invitations like this:

Period inspired cocktail glasses:

Mad Men inspired cocktails:

Fondue, of course:

And whatever this is:

Is it a cake? A Pie? A jello mold? WTF is it?

Maybe tonight I’ll throw a little party of my own. A Mad Men inspired cocktail, some fruit to dip in chocolate, and ummm, a housecoat? Pathetic, table for one!

Enjoy the party!

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