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Feed your family for $45 a week?

I peruse a lot of “Mommy blogs” looking for new, interesting stuff that I can use and pass on to you. It’s exciting when I find something that I didn’t expect, and The Hillbilly Housewife got my attention.

She has created what she calls the $45 emergency menu. (Inflated prices in the last few years have evidently raised the cost of the menu to $70) This menu feeds 4-6 people and healthfully. This is a great menu to have on hand if you have one of those emergency situations come up where you’ve got to come up with money for a new refrigerator and still feed the family. Though the updated price tag was for 2009, I am curious how much this menu would cost now. I think I will price the items out this week while I’m at the store. I will update with the new prices. How much would you need to spend to feed your family 3 meals plus snacks for a week?

I am excited to try the homemade tortillas. We usually have fajitas or tacos once a week. (You can see my most recent menu plan here.) I’ll let you know how they turn out!

I updated the prices for 2012. You can find them here.

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