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Menu Plan Monday 3/12/12

After skipping last week’s Menu Plan Monday for vacation, I’m back, and this time it’s for some creative meal planning. This week, we are tightening our budget belts and eating from the pantry and freezer. No meals out! Including at work! We’ve started the process of buying a home and will need every dime we can scrap together for closings/down payments. I’ve reviewed our budget, and the biggest area we can cut is our food budget.  Besides, I have a deep freezer filled to the brim and when we do move, I certainly don’t want to pack any more extras than I have to. (It would be nice to start over in a new home with a nice clean deep freezer too!)

Here’s our plan for the week:


B: Fruit and yogurt smoothies

L: Pizza leftovers

D: Grilled chicken, asparagus, and sweet potatoes


B: English muffins with peanut butter

L: Greek salad with chicken and feta

D: Jambalya


B: Cereal with fruit and milk

L: Grilled cheese and tomato soup

D: Steamed Shrimp with potatoes and snap peas


B: Egg and cheese English muffin sandwich

L: Peanut Butter and Jelly and carrots with dip

D: Leftovers or stir fry


B: Cereal with fruit and milk

L:  Tuna Salad sandwiches with veggies and dip.

D: Fajita Friday!


B: Berry muffins (recipe to be discovered!)

L: Chef salad

D: Pizza


B: Berry muffins

L: Turkey Sandwiches

D: TBD based on sales.


Thank you to Orgjunkie.com for hosting the Menu Plan Monday on her site.

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