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Mommy minds can go from zero to sixty when something seems off with your child. It’s nice to know that even PNPs do too!

Health and Wellness w Katie

Hi all! After the morning I had, I just had to share this one…. It’s alright to be a “Paranoid Mom” because the well being of your children is a HUGE responsibility! I thought you all would enjoy knowing that I can be that Paranoid Mom too! 😉

Drew Elizabeth told me last night that her chest hurt. Ok, no big deal, I was convinced that she just needed to burp, toot, poop, or all of the above. Very frequently children will have chest pain that is referred gas pains. She has complained of her chest hurting 2 or 3 times in the last month or so, but she also hasn’t been eating her veggies as well as she used to. She has decided after eating her veggies for the past 5 years that she just doesn’t like them anymore. She doesn’t get away with it, and I make her eat a…

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