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Have you seen this woman?

I’ve been missing in action lately and I’m sorry. I’ve been swamped and have a bit of writer’s block. Out of Time Toddler has been sick and clingy. It’s been difficult to shed her long enough to send a text, much less something more substantial. I was also out of town for 4 days visiting family, which added to a longer stretch of time away from my trusty computer. I’ll get back to that trip once I’ve sufficiently recovered from the terrible awful no good train trip.

A big, exciting thing is happening in our family. We have finally applied for a home loan. Since then (and before) I have been scouring the MLS site, trulia, zillow, and realtors.com, not to mention relentlessly emailing my Realtor who diligently gets me more information as I need it. I am thrilled and terrified at the prospect.  Thrilled when I look at homes I can supposedly afford. Terrified when I look at our budget and try to adjust my expectations to that amount.

So in the midst of the crazy, I’m going to try to get more posts out there to you. Promise! Again, sorry for the disappearance, but as an Out of Time Mom, it’s never easy!

PS. I missed you.

PPS. What a sap I am.

PPSS. Ok, stop doing this now.

PPPSSS. Seriously, WTF?

PPPPSS. Sorry.

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