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Simplify your recipes (and your life) with Ziplist

If you have ever wondered how to simplify the shopping for and sharing of recipes, Ziplist may be just what you’re looking for. With Ziplist, you can enter your recipes, or add one of the thousands they have listed by other people, and create a shopping list of the items you will need. Ziplist’s grocery list can be printed out on your computer, or accessed from your smart phone in the grocery store, or sent as a text message! You can enter notes on the ingredients, such as reminders that you have a coupon, or the sale price, so you can track the extras that you might not be able to from a simple handwritten list.

Ziplist also keeps track of the stores you shop, giving you maps to the location and the ability to set your list according to the store catagories (ie. produce, health and beauty, etc.). If you print out coupons, you can search the coupon database on the ziplist site too, making it easy to print out the coupons as you make your list.

If you want to keep your recipes secret and not share them publicly, you can mark them private, but still have the flexibility to mail it to your BFF, once you swear them to secrecy of course.

I plan to add a ziplist account to OoTM so that you can pull up the recipes I add and make your shopping lists from them. I’ll update you when that is available.

Until then, try it for yourself and see how you like it!



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