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What is Scrapple?

That's a skinny unicorn up here in New England

Having grown up in the mid-atlantic region, scrapple is as natural to me as steamed crabs. Yes, I know what it’s made of, but like fairies, zombies, and Santa Claus, you have to suspend your knowledge to really enjoy it. There’s nothing like a couple of thinly sliced pieces of scrapple on some toast, with or without some cheese or an egg. Some even go hog wild and spread some grape jelly on it. Or served on a plate with a side of eggs, and maple syrup poured over the whole mess. It’s good country eating.

For those of you not familiar with Scrapple, I found this website that extols it’s virtues. There are even facebook groups dedicated to this particular food.  I’m heading home this weekend and am looking forward to partaking of this delicacy. If you’re in the mid atlantic area, give it a try. If you’re in Dorchester County, meet me for a scrapple sandwich. It’s totally worth it! (Don’t forget your heartburn meds!)



  1. What’s your preference for scrapple topping? Do you like it plain? With some ketchup, jelly or syrup? In an omelet? As a sandwich?

    Everyone I ask seems to have a very strong opinion. Me, I like to experiment and open to suggestions, though in an omelet is almost always fantastic.

    (thanks for the link!)

  2. I’m a native of Virginia Beach but I have never heard of scrapple before. It sounds like a game instead of a meat. LOL

  3. I’m surprised there isn’t scrapple in VA Beach. Maybe it’s more of a Pennsylvania/ Maryland thing. I think it was a Pennsylvania Dutch thing so it may not have spread that far south. If you take a trip up to Maryland, definitely give it a shot. It’s delicious! Just don’t ask what’s in it. LOL

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