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Meal Plan Monday, week of 2/27/2012

We are starting a new adventure this week as OoTDad has been advised to begin eating a reduced sodium diet by his doctor. The rest of the family could use some (alot of) improvement in our diets as well. I’ve got a Weight Watchers membership that is failing to meet it’s potential due to me not actively following the plan. And the reason I’m not actively following the plan? Because it’s a plan! I haven’t been planning!  My dinners look good. I start out the day on a positive note, however, I never have lunch planned and am always flying by the seat of my pants. When I don’t pack or plan my lunch, I end up spending a lot of money too. So my challenge this week is two-fold. Plan low sodium meals for OoTDad, and plan and stick to a plan for lunches.

Without further adieu:

Monday: L: OoTD will have leftover chicken and veggies. The rest of us will have ham wraps with salad.

D:Breakfast for Dinner! This is more challenging due to the reduced sodium diet for Dad, but we’re going to do veggie omelets.

Tuesday: L: Chicken salad for everyone.

D: Mushroom Pork Chops with rice and cauliflower on the side. OoTD’s serving will be removed prior to adding the mushroom soup, which has an over the top amount of sodium in it.

Wednesday: L: tuna pasta salad similar to this.

D: Burgers with cinnamon butternut squash fries and green beans

Thursday: L: Leftover odd and ends

D: Dinner out while OoTMom packs for her and Toddler’s trip to MD for an extended weekend.

Friday: L: Lunch with OoTGran and OoTPoppop in MD! From there, meals are being planned by my mom, and I’m sure it’s not going to be healthy. (YAY! She’s an amazing cook!) OoTDad is on his own for the weekend. I’m sure he’ll be great. He’s going to kick ass with the dietary changes, and I’m going to have a young, hot updated version of Out of Time Dad once his transformation is complete. I’d better try to keep up!

Much thanks to Organizing Junkie for her Menu Plan Monday link up that you can find here.

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