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Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Driver’s Ed

Some fresh faced girls, ready to learn to drive!

I just learned of the passing of my driver’s education teacher, Mr. Agee. He was quite the character. He was (in)famous in my part of the world. He probably taught 40% of the people in Dorchester County how to drive, how to play football, and/or how to use power tools. He worked for the Dorchester County Public School system for forever. Almost everyone in the county has a Mr. Agee story. I see them unfolding now on Facebook among my friends and it occurs to me that everything I needed to know to be successful in life, I learned from him. (If only I had paid attention.)

Know where you’re going: “There are 3 types of road: Icy road, Wet road, and Bailey Road. Don’t go down Bailey Rd. It will get your ass kilt.”

Family is important: “Go tell your momma and daddy. They’ll care. I don’t.”

Don’t nap for over an hour. The driving lesson is for 2 hours, and it will take you at least that long to get back to town. “ZZzzzZZZzzz”

Take care of yourself first, but also look out for others: “I’m going in to get something to eat. You want some water or something?”

Slow down, life goes quickly. “Slow downnnn! Slow downnnn! You gonna hit dat curb! You gonna hit dat curb!”

Follow the straight and narrow: “Don’t forget dat T-square. You can’t cut straight.”

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe. “I’ll beat your ass, and if your daddy don’t like it, I’ll beat his ass too.”

He was quite a man. A good male role model for a lot of kids that didn’t have one. He will be missed by many. RIP Mr. Agee.


  1. Oh how I can hear Mr Agee saying those things! I remember him telling us we were going to build “jury boxes” for Mothers Day, “ya know jury boxes for yer momma to keep her jury in”
    Thanks for writigthis, even my husband got a chuckle and he’s not even a “local”.

    • I love that story! Thank you for sharing it. He was a funny guy. Tough talking and big hearted. I loved that about him.

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