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Ah, Ben and Jerry’s. I’ve never had bad Ben and Jerry’s, so when I heard that they made Greek Frozen yogurt, I piled the Out of Time family into the car and headed to our local scoop shop for some taste testing. I tried the four flavors they had there. Ranked from least favorite to most, (there are no bad Ben and Jerry flavors!) here they are:
4. Vanilla is just vanilla- still good.
3. Blueberry Graham- tasty, but I didn’t like the texture of the graham in it as much.
2. Raspberry Fudge Chunk- Yum! The chunk is delicious, the yogurt was smooth.
1. Peanut Butter Banana is the best! Maybe it harkens back to my love for Elvis, but I really favored the Peanut Butter Banana over all the others. They didn’t have strawberry shortcake, but I’d like to try it when it’s available. So there you have it… Ben and Jerry’s has another winner in Greek frozen yogurt. If anyone could do it sucessfully, it was definitely going to be them.

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