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Save Your Sanity Sunday: 3-day weekend edition

Yesterday was a down day for me as you may have noticed from the lack of updates on this site. Instead of posting  for my Super Savings Saturday series, I spent “naptime” watching the homegoing for Whitney Houston. It was a touching tribute, and I just didn’t feel into writing anything after. After, I went about my day as usual.

I need to start using a regular camera. My phone is so orange!

After OoTDad goes to work, Toddler and I head to the store and pick up groceries for the week. It was a great week! I saved 53% between store sales and coupons! After, we came home to fix dinner. Last night, since plans came up Friday night, we combined what we were planning for dinner Friday night with what was scheduled for Saturday, thus creating a Mexican Pizza. I mixed the chicken with salsa, and spread it over the crust. Then I took cheddar cheese and covered the chicken. I baked it until the crust was done and the cheese was bubbly. Since Toddler wasn’t too interested in veggies yesterday, I topped the pizza with chopped lettuce, onions, and red peppers and drizzled it with a cumin-laced sour cream. She had to at least dig through them to get to her pizza. 🙂

 So, what’s up for the week? That’s what I ask myself each Sunday, so I can plan ahead for the week in front of me. I use a complicated system for planning my week, and am constantly searching for something that can integrate all the tools I need into one. Since I haven’t found it yet, I combine a few different tools to do what I need.

First, I use my phone calendar (through google) to plan my appointments. (work and personal) Second, I use a to do list like this one from Organized Home at work. (I’ve created my own and modified it to what I do.) I also use a paper calendar/planner to track meal plans, shopping lists, and coupons. I have looked unsuccessfully for something that will do it all and I haven’t found exactly what I need, but Cozi.com is pretty close. A few tweaks to the mobile OS and I think it would be fine. I would need a separate calendar still for work because my family doesn’t need to know my client names, addresses, etc, but it’s very close to what I need. Maybe I’m making it harder than it needs to be, but it’s a work in progress and not the easiest for someone who was born disorganized.

So tell me, what works for you? Are there any applications or systems that help you stay sane?

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