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Golden Corral Chocolate Fountain

If you followed along with my latest posts, you may know that I made an impulsive, commercial driven decision that I wanted to go to Golden Corral for Valentine’s day. Out of Time Dad was thrilled because it would be a cheap dinner.  Last night, we followed through with that adventure. All in all, it was a good time. Out of Time Toddler was well behaved, and even friendly to strangers! (She’s painfully shy) Out of Time Dad declined the chocolate fountain, but I went for it despite the hoards of kids gathered around it (unsupervised!) poking the fountain with their food on and off skewers.

The treats I got were fine with no bits of hair or dust present, though bacteria is invisible and cannot be detected until the effects show up much later. Yikes! At any rate, I felt fine and no life altering events transpired…. until….

OutofTimeMom: Do you know what chocolate fountains give you?

OutofTimeDAD: Diarrhea?

Out of Time Mom: Yes, probably, but no… It gives you the power to battle VAMPIRES! All night long, I was battling vampires!

OutofTimeDad: *blink*

Out of Time Mom: It was amazing! I buried a baby vampire in the grass at McDonalds so the other vampires wouldn’t find it, and all the people from work were there, but they didn’t know I was a vampire, but I was, and we battled this band of teen boy vampires like in the Lost Boys, and Nicole called the cops, and I went to bury the baby vampire, well, he wasn’t really a baby vampire, but like a six year old vampire. It was AWESOME!

Out of Time Toddler: AWESOME!

Out of Time Dad: Were you a sparkly vampire?

Out of Time Mom: No, I wasn’t sparkly.. Oh wait, maybe I was. I could walk around in the daytime and my coworkers never suspected that I was a vampire. We were trying to get the vampires away from our Executive Director and he was in another building, but the vampires didn’t know, and they’d all come for him!

Out of Time Dad: Please don’t tell your coworkers about this.

Out of Time Mom: Why?

Out of Time Dad: Because, while I think this was really cool, they are going to think you’re crazy.

Out of Time Mom: No, they’ll love it, everyone loves vampires!

Out of Time Dad: *sigh*

So get you to Golden Corral, sample the chocolate fountain, and let the fun begin!

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