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The New Disney Princess

Her mother isn't dead.Evidently there is some sort of scandal over the new Disney Princess. I’m as feminist as the next person, but I’m sure that the Princesses aren’t ruining society’s view of women, or women’s self-perceptions. Little girls love pretty girls and pretty dresses. Besides, the Princesses have less to do with little girls’ self worth than the love of her parents, particularly her father. I believe there is a bit of a Cinderella complex, but I’m not sure that it’s caused by Cinderella, or society in general.

I think I’ll reserve my opinion of the new Princess until I see it myself. I’m glad they are over the dead mother thing. That story has become a little trite to say the least. That’s not to say I hope her Dad is dead this time. It would just be nice to see a Princess who wasn’t infinitely damaged from the start. Based on the demographics for the new Princess (ages 2-7), it’s likely that we’ll see more supportive parents.

How do you feel about this new Princess? How do your girls relate to the Princesses? We had our own Princesses growing up. Do you think Cinderella and Snow White changed how you saw yourself?

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