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Meal Plan Monday

I was vegging out in front of the TV when I saw a commercial of something so delicious that I blurted out to Out of Time Dad, “I want to go to Golden Corral for Valentine’s Day.”

“Uh, ok,” OoTDad responded, “cheap date.”

I tried to cover quickly, “They have a chocolate fountain. I really do love chocolate fountains…”

By that time, I’d lost my opportunity for filet mignon; stupid commercials and my suggestibility.  He’d already calculated that he was getting out of an expensive meal for a buffet and there was no turning back. Oh well.

This week we are doing another 1 bag 5 meals plan from Kraft. (I never do the Friday mac and cheese. Umm, no thanks. I make my own.) Pork and chicken were on sale this week, so we went with bag 1. I ended up spending ~$50 this week on the meals and extras.

Here’s what the rest of the week looks like for us.

Monday- Saucy Italian Pork Chops

Tuesday- Valentine’s Day dinner with my sweetheart

Wednesday-Stove Top Classic One-dish Chicken Bake

Thursday- Pork chop skillet

Friday- Fajita Friday! We will use leftover meat to make fajitas. Yum!

Saturday- Mama’s choice- homemade pizza

You can check out other meal plans here at  orgjunkie.com. She also has a lot of organizational tips and hits.

Enjoy your week!

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