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Eat! Meal Planning

I’m tired. I have a mostly thankless job that taxes me more emotionally than physically, but still at the end of the work day, the last thing I want to do is go to the grocery store, with or without OoTToddler, and scavenge for dinner. Too often when I’m shopping at the end of the work day, I choose easy, prepackaged foods that are more expensive than what I would typically spend. Or I’ll just skip the whole going-to-the-store thing, and order pizza, take out, or delivery which is not good for my wallet, or my waistline. So how can I avoid this nightly horror? Meal planning!

Seriously? I’m not sure where I’ll be living next week and you want me to have my meals planned out? Well, yeah. You do realize that into each day, a dinner must fall? Start small. Decide to make 5 meals next week. Each week I have the same “catagories” of meals. Mondays are crap, so I have breakfast for dinner. Tuesdays are pasta nights. Wednesdays I am flexible, either try a new recipe, or plan a night out. Thursdays are leftovers. Fridays are fajitas (Fajita Friday!) or something in the mexican food area. Saturdays are pizza nights. Sundays are flexible again, but they are usually new recipes or a labor intensive “big” meal.

There are a  lot of printable meal plans out there. I am currently using the one in my weekly planner, but you can print out some really cute ones that people put online for free. This one from Organized Home is really simple to use but covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe too much for a beginning meal planner. Start small, like this one, available in pastels or bolds.  

Try this for one week, and next Wednesday, we’ll get more in depth. Let me know how you do!

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