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Technology Tuesday or Netflix is Awesome

The Out of Time Mom asked me (the Out of Time Dad) to help keep up with her daily posting schedules, while muttering something about being out of time.  She also told me that she wanted a theme for Tuesdays, but hadn’t decided yet.

Not surprisingly, she still hasn’t decided.  I think it should be Testosterone Tuesdays, but for some reason she’s not excited about that.  While the Out of Time Mom was up to her elbows in my dirty dishes she scowled at me and suggested that maybe it would be more appropriate for “Talking Trash Tuesdays” to be the theme.  Sensing the direction of the brainstorm session (I Hate The Out of Time Dad Tuesdays, alliteration be damned), I suggested Technology Tuesdays.

Muttering something about not having time for this because the Voice was coming on soon, she wandered away to leave me wondering what I was supposed to do.

Well, I’ve decided that this week will be Technology Tuesday, and we’ll try the other types of Tuesdays in following weeks.

This week I’ll be talking about something that both myself and my daughter absolutely love.



Holy streaming video, OOTD, unlimited premium content including a plethora of pre-school friendly programming available instantly to your computer, TV, and mobile devices?

CaillouYes, that’s right.  The Out of Time Toddler absolutely loves this cartoon bald headed french canadian 4-year old named Caillou.  She chants his name when she wakes up, and whines to see more of him before she goes to sleep.  I don’t really get the attraction, but I am told by the Out of Time Teen that its because the cartoon focuses on the loving relationship between Caillou and his Mommy and Daddy.


Back to the important stuff — technology!  Having used my man-powers to set up Netflix to run on the television, we have instant access to over fifty episodes of Caillou for the Toddler to watch.  And when I get tired of listening to Caillou asking stupid questions in his glass-shattering high pitched french canadian child-voice, I can stream something else awesome for daddies to watch — right now, I try to trick the Out of Time Toddler into watching Futurama — its a cartoon, it must be for kids!

Anyway, if you’re going to let your kids watch TV, you may as well go for the stuff that doesn’t have brainwashing commercials.  And if you’re not the kind of person who would let their kid watch TV ever, then you must have plenty of time to spare spending every waking moment reading and coloring with your child, while your maid does all the house work!  Send your maid to read this blog, she’ll probably appreciate it more!

But wait, there’s more.  Imagine this scenario.  The baby has just gone to sleep, you spent all day playing with her and talking about Caillou and all his fun adventures with his loving and education-oriented family, and you just want to relax in your bathtub and indulge in some mindless entertainment before the sweet sweet abyss of ambien induced dreamless slumber claims you again.

Just get out that tablet (or kindle fire or nook color or smartphone or whatever) and tune it into Netflix.  Make sure to use only one of your earbuds because you have to keep an ear out for screams of pain or terror from your toddler who inevitably will wake up and fall out of her crib or try to eat a knife or something — exploring the world isn’t all hugs and laughs, is it baby?!  HA!

Now you can watch whatever crazy foo-foo romantic comedy (or something awesome like Red Cliff) while you enjoy your bubble bath.  Yes, that’s right.  Where once electronics were used as  babysitters, now they can be used as parentsitters too!

Don’t be afraid of our future computerized overlords.  I embrace their coming.

PS: if you’re some kind of pansy who is afraid of dropping their expensive electronics into the bathtub, you can probably find some waterproof case for your device.  But just man up, I say, and live on the edge.



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