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Mondays Suck

Here are some fun sites that might brighten your awful, horrible, no good, suckarific Monday.

Jenny, the Bloggess, is the BFF I’ve never met or spoken to, but who makes me laugh uncontrollably. Read her religiously. She got Will Wheaton to collate papers for her. Not only is she funny, she has a giant, fierce, dedicated heart. The series on the red dress is incredibly inspiring. Be sure to check out The Bloggess.

This is a fun blog to read when you have only a few minutes time. Most of what he writes is on sticky notes, the perfect read for when you need a quick laugh. I love reading his notes. Hubs says he will write something for my blog, I can’t wait to read it. Until then, check out Message with a Bottle!

Lizz Winstead is one of the creators of the Daily Show. Her love of Downton Abbey is what spurred mine. Here is the post that prompted me to start watching. Maybe you should too? Netflix has the first season, and PBS puts the second up on their site here.


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