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Super Superbowl Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcakes

Another meat cupcakeBuffalo wings are to Superbowls as cookies are to Christmas. It’s just not the same without them. Even though it was going to be just a family occasion, I still wanted to put together something special for the Superbowl, especially since I’m in New England and the Patriots are playing. (Boo! They booted my poor Ravens out! Much love to my purple fans!) Ah-hem. Anyway, I have a cupcake obsession that borders on psychosis. I will put anything in cupcake form. Including meat.

I knew I wanted to make buffalo wings, and I knew I wanted to make cupcakes, so why not combine the two? The “cake” is a delicious, moist cornbread. I got this recipe from my mom, who got it from a friend, who got it from…? Who the hell knows, but it’s amazing! I brought it here to New England with me from just south of the Mason-Dixon line, so you know it has to be good. It’s on ziplist.com, which I love, so check out The Best Damn Cornbread in New England.

The buffalo wing can be any of your choosing. I cheated and picked up some at the grocery store and tossed it in some of Franks Buffalo wing sauce. Yum! Though Hubs is not a buffalo wing fan, he tried it to at least be able to say he did. Then he took a deep breath and bit into the “icing”.

Much to his delight, it was mashed potatoes. He thought it was a sweet icing and had prepared himself to be grossed out by the wing/icing combo. I made ranch mashed potatoes with a packet of Hidden Valley ranch mix, sour cream, and butter. I piped the potatoes on and topped it with buffalo wings for those who ate ’em and chicken tenders for the baby (and Daddy!) who don’t.

Tenders for the Baby(s)

Food should be fun, particularly on superbowl Sunday. What did you have fun with today? Who are you rooting for? Are you grossed out by meat cupcakes?

Enjoy the game!

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