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Savings Saturday

Saturday is the day I do my shopping. My sale papers start trickling in on Wednesdays, and that’s when I make my meal plan for the next week. Now that the old car is mortally wounded and we need to start looking for a new one, our budget is going to be super tight! I decided this week to fall back on a pre-made meal plan from Kraft that comes with a shopping list made of easily accessed (and cheap!) ingredients. They call it 1 bag 5 dinners, and though I doubt most of the stuff could fit in one bag, it’s still a neat concept. I will rearrange the meals to what works best for our family (hubs hates mexican food so we do that one of the night he’s at work).

This week, since we have some ground beef stored away in the freezer, and chicken tenderloins are on sale, we’re doing Bag 2, chicken and beef. I am looking to pay less than $40.00 on groceries this week, and maybe a little extra for stock ups, but keeping the total bill under $50. I’ll update you on how it went!


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