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Have you had your water? How about your kids?

Health and Wellness w Katie

Tonight’s dinner table conversation landed on the topic of how much water Joshua is NOT drinking during the day.  Drew Elizabeth isn’t much better (but got a reprieve because she was at Bible study).  When Joshua and Morgan asked me how much water he (Joshua) should be drinking.  I told them that he should have at least 60-80 ounces every day.  A surprised Josh said, “What? How is that even possible?”   I took a deep breath….  Then, I told him if he actually drank the water bottle he kept on his desk at school, it wouldn’t be hard at all.  I explained that if he drank one full water bottle at lunchtime, after morning recess and again at afternoon recess he would probably drink most of his daily requirement.  I reminded him this would be the perfect time to have a big drink of water.  After being outside playing for 15-20 minutes, there is…

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