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Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Wino Wednesday

It’s snowing, and I wanted to take off to an island. Solomon’s Island? Not so much, but the wine was good. I haven’t tried Solomon’s Island Winery‘s full bodied wines, but this was good, light, Arbor-misty and sweet. I will buy again.

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Simplify your recipes (and your life) with Ziplist

If you have ever wondered how to simplify the shopping for and sharing of recipes, Ziplist may be just what you’re looking for. With Ziplist, you can enter your recipes, or add one of the thousands they have listed by other people, and create a shopping list of the items you will need. Ziplist’s grocery …

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What is Scrapple?

Having grown up in the mid-atlantic region, scrapple is as natural to me as steamed crabs. Yes, I know what it’s made of, but like fairies, zombies, and Santa Claus, you have to suspend your knowledge to really enjoy it. There’s nothing like a couple of thinly sliced pieces of scrapple on some toast, with …

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Meal Plan Monday, week of 2/27/2012

We are starting a new adventure this week as OoTDad has been advised to begin eating a reduced sodium diet by his doctor. The rest of the family could use some (alot of) improvement in our diets as well. I’ve got a Weight Watchers membership that is failing to meet it’s potential due to me …

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Everything I ever needed to know I learned in Driver’s Ed

I just learned of the passing of my driver’s education teacher, Mr. Agee. He was quite the character. He was (in)famous in my part of the world. He probably taught 40% of the people in Dorchester County how to drive, how to play football, and/or how to use power tools. He worked for the Dorchester …

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Creative Organizing- a calendar for organizing

Creative Organizing.

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CVS Scenerio for 2/26/12

Here’s a CVS scenerio to maximize your savings without a lot of money out of pocket. By doing a ¬†few different transactions, you are able to use your Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) in the next transaction instead of having them sit in your purse (or expire!). Thank you to Addicted to Saving for the tips! …

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Oscar Night Party ideas

The folks over at ziplist had a great idea to have people put together pinterest boards in honor of the Oscars. There are some really cute ideas listed. I think they were all required to have chocolate pie in honor of “The Help”, but maybe they didn’t like thinking too much about the “terrible awful” …

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Cloth diapering… Uh, I’m not sure about that.

I found this guest post on the Krazy Coupon Lady written by someone in Ocean City, MD, so I knew I had to feature it today. While I’m all about saving money when I can, I’m not so sure about cloth diapers. Some things are just not worth it. Maybe if I was a stay …

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